When you successfully land a freelancing job, you will be challenged with different tasks that you might be encountering for the first time. Some clients might test your skills on how you can do tasks efficiently and how fast. 

Every freelancer should know what the commonly used tools in online jobs are. The tools we use depend on the project or task that clients ask us to do. 

Here are some commonly used tools in online freelancing:



1. Clockify for Time Tracking


It is common for a client to ask how much time you spend on a particular task or project. Clockify is the tool we use to record the time we spent doing a task.

2. Trello for Task or Project Management

There are times that we are overloaded with many different tasks. Because of that, we become forgetful of some things that we need to do. Trello helps us organize all tasks we need to do. And this is handy when working on a project with other freelancers. Trello tells us what tasks are being worked on, who’s working on what, and what stage a project is in.

3. Canva for Basic Graphic Design

One of the most used tools in graphic designing is Canva. It is very easy and user-friendly. You just need to explore to know the different features. Most clients need freelancers who have some basic knowledge of graphic design.

4. Lastpass for Password Management

Don’t remember your passwords? We usually become forgetful about passwords we use in different sites and platforms. Lastpass is a password manager that helps to save all the passwords we use. There is no limit on the numbers of passwords you can store.

5. Dropbox for File Storage

We use Dropbox in uploading and saving our files so that we can store and share them to others who also have access to your folder.

6. Calendly for Scheduling Meetings

Calendly is a powerful scheduling tool for meetings. You set your availability and people can view this then schedule a date and time to meet you. The app lets you set up custom meeting types and durations, like a 15-minute discovery call or 30-minute client call.

7. Google Calendar for Calendar Management

Google Calendar is a time management and scheduling tool. As freelancers, you need to manage your time well to complete tasks on time. Plot your daily tasks. Make sure to prioritize tasks that need to be done.  


We use many tools when doing online jobs. Do your research and find what you need and what works for you. Just remember that you don’t need to do some tasks manually because online tools are very accessible, and most of them are free.

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