Work-from-home is the new normal in jobs as the coronavirus is still a global issue. But even before the pandemic, many people were opting for freelancing jobs because of the benefits. But then, landing your first work from home job is hard, especially when it is your first time entering the virtual workforce. Also, because of the crisis, the competition is very high now and many jobs require previous experience.

But how can you gain work experience if no one will hire you? 

The following are some tips that can help you get hired to work-from-home even without any traditional work experience.

Highlight the skills that you have and learn how to upskill.

Just because you never have a job or same job experience before, it does not mean that you don’t have skills. Think about your past activities and start there. Analyze your soft and transferable skills such as, communication skills, leadership skills, and ability to focus on details. These are some of the skills that employers want. Also, make a way to acquire your hard skills for your desired jobs. Attend webinars, training, or workshops to gain knowledge about your target job in the freelancing industry. Many online courses, whether paid or free, are readily available now. This will be your guide to figure out how to start or where to start in working-from-home. 

Look for opportunities for internship or volunteering positions.

Some online companies offer internship programs. Also, some organizations ask for volunteers for certain projects. Grab these opportunities because this is your big edge with other applicants, and will make your resume impressive. Because this will reflect your commitment and strong work ethic. Also, these positions are very flexible in a way that you can use your existing skills while acquiring your new ones. Aside from that, this will also be a way to expand your network of professional contacts. And this may lead to someone permanently hiring you.

Build professional networks.

Professional networking is one of the most important strategies for job seekers. Just as stated above, internship or volunteering position expands your professional network. Keep in touch with your trainers and other people you meet during your internship or volunteering days. Because you never know when these people might help you in the future like, for example, they might give you a recommendation. A recommendation is a big advantage to catch the attention of your target employer.

Using social media is also an effective way of building a professional network. Other than keeping you stay connected with friends, most people now use social media platforms to search for jobs. So,  connect with companies or individuals that are related to your desired job on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also join different Facebook job groups and discover how this can help you as well.

Focus on your realistic and desired position to optimize your resume and cover letter.

As one old saying goes, you cannot please everybody. This goes with job searching too, in such a way that you cannot apply in all roles or positions, simply because you want it. Be realistic and not to push a certain position that requires high or certain qualifications. Do some research about the role and some companies that are hiring the same role. Try to ask for some feedback from your friends or past colleagues if you could actually do it. In that way, you can see the whole picture of your dream role. As a result, you can customize your resume and cover letter to stand out among all other applicants. Optimization of cover letter and resume is your way to get the attention of your employers. And if that happens, be ready to prepare for an interview.

Ace your virtual interview.

Applying for work-from-home jobs means that your interview will be virtual. A virtual interview is the same as an in-person interview, but it limits the ability to read body language and facial expressions.

So, what are the ways to be successful in your virtual interview?

The first thing that you need to do is to conduct research and to have a clear understanding of the job. Then, practice common interview questions while recording it so that you can review it later to see how you sound and to monitor also your body language. Then, test the technology that you will be using, such as a webcam, microphone, and headphones. Also, wear professional attire, even if this is a virtual interview, because it projects professionalism. Set up a place for the interview with proper lighting and free from distractions. And lastly, don’t forget to properly follow up by sending an email within 24 hours after the interview. Following these steps can make you one step closer to your dream job.


Working-from-home jobs gained a lot of attention nowadays not only because of the crisis but also because of the many advantages that it gives. But getting hired remotely for the first time is challenging for the newbies. If you read everything above, you now know how to get hired to work-from-home even if you don’t have experience. These tips will help you succeed in the job that your heart desires. 

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