Customer service is about how a seller interacts with customers in selling a product or service, and also in an after-sales situation, like handling customer concerns and complaints.

But what do you think is the importance of customer service as an online professional? It does not automatically mean that it is all about voice or call services. There is also a nonvoice service which is chat or email support. Customer Service as a freelancer is one of the very in-demand professions online nowadays. It does not require any age as long as you are capable of doing the job.

So how do you provide quality customer service? Here are the 10 key customer service skills that you need to have to be successful as a freelance customer service professional:

1. Patience

This is a  must-have as a customer service professional. No matter how good you are in your communication skills and good persuasive speaking ability, if impatience strikes you, you’ll likely do things you’ll regret later. Like talking down on irate customers. Instead, just breathe and stay calm. Think that this person contacted you because she has an issue and you are the only person who can help and provide the right resolution. Your patience may turn her problem into something positive

2. Good communication skills

In customer service, you need to have good communication skills to show your customers that you understand the issue or problem. Make sure that you personalize the conversation, and not just rely on a script. As much as possible, avoid using jargon or uncommon words that may lead to confusion. Make your communication clear and concise. Speaking clearly and effectively is important for customer service representatives so that you can provide quality service.


Your conversation with a customer may start when he or she is not happy or is frustrated. It is important that you understand the situation, and consider the customer’s pain about the issue.

4. Active listening

When you are doing customer service in a voice account, you must be a good listener. Consider these for active listening:

  • Stay focused
  • Ask questions
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Don’t assume
  • Repeat key facts
  • Write about important key points

5. Product knowledge

Product knowledge is an essential element that you can’t ignore. As an online professional, you have to be aware of product or service updates so that you can give a true understanding of your customer’s needs. Having incomplete knowledge will affect your communication with your customer.

6. Willingness to go the extra mile

A willingness to go the extra mile can be like providing extra service out of your comfort zone or giving WOW customer service.
When you are dedicated and compassionate with your approach, giving that wow factor will come naturally.

7. Positive attitude

According to Winston Churchhill, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” You know what, he is right. Even if a customer service representative is having a bad day, volumes of chats, calls, and emails are continuously happening and queuing at the same time. The important thing is how you react when even the most irate customer pushes your limits. Always remember that being positive is one of the essential skills you must have to execute proper resolution.

8.Problem-Solving skills

Giving solutions is what customer service is all about. To solve the issue, you identify the problem first. Think of possible solutions and select the best one. You have to implement and explain well to the customer.

9. Confidence

Customers contact customer service representatives because they know that you can hopefully provide the right answer for their product-related problems. Being confident as an online customer service professional is a positive reflection of your brand as well as your own skills, adding to your company’s trust and credibility. Maintaining a smile and confident posture will help boost your confidence.

10. Professionalism

When a customer has a problem, they don’t care if you did not sleep well last night or had a break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. As soon as you take calls, emails, or chats, leave behind all personal issues and focus on the needs of customers.


Customer service always cares. In the end, all the skills come down to caring and giving satisfaction to customers. Willingness to help other people will go a long way in customer service as an online professional.

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