Are you looking for a freelancing job? Have you been rejected once, twice, or even more? 

Yes, rejection hurts, no matter how optimistic you are. You can’t avoid getting hurt as it’s part of being a freelancer. 

You are staying in front of your computer or laptop, you do not have time to watch your favorite Netflix or Korean series, just browsing on job vacancies in any online platform. You became a member of freelancing groups on Facebook. You activated your Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as well, but still, you’re not getting hired for any job. 

No matter how good you are, if it is not for you, then let it be. But make sure to not stop. Keep continuing the job application process. 

And if you still feel the same, you need to have an action plan or strategy, so that you can move on about the feeling of being rejected.   

Here are ways to stay positive and keep working:

1. Don’t take rejections personally

Yes, you are already in that situation, rejection. It does not mean that it is the end of the world. Move on. Don’t just stay alone in your room and overthink. Rejection is part of freelancing. 

Applying for jobs or looking for clients is a numbers game. Keep on trying until you find what you’re looking for.

In case you have another interview and fail, do not take it personally. Instead, learn from your experience.

2. Go back to your interview/ reflect on the interview

You are wondering why you have failed. You keep looking and checking on your recorded interview.

Don’t overthink. Why did this happen to you? Why did you fail? Which part did you go wrong? Be honest in answering these questions so you learn from your mistakes. 

Focus on the optimistic side and reflect on your last interview . Take note of how you answer the questions and do some research. So next time you know already and you are confident enough. In freelancing, there are a lot of opportunities. Once you have the next interview, you know how to ace it. 

3. Practice more / Develop your skill

When you experience rejection, negativity surrounds your body and soul. It is normal to be demotivated. however, don’t be stuck there forever. There is a saying, “life goes on.”

Why don’t you practice more and develop your skill? Let’s say your niche is social media marketing. Try to attend some training and webinars. There is a lot of this learning around social media. Social media has a lot to offer. For example, if you are quite good in creating snippets and making graphics, you just need to enhance this skill so that in your next job interview, they will be impressed with your design. 

The best way to develop and practice your skill is to have an ongoing or continuous learning project. 

Remember, practice will make you a better online professional.

4. Smile though you experience rejection

Smiling is the best thing to do when you have a problem. It is not only in the Freelancing world but even in different kinds of careers. If you have encountered rejection, just smile, keep pushing and everything will be okay. 

Take some time to heal your pain. You know it will take a process to get over your feelings and emotions that you have been rejected. 

Always think optimistic no matter what you have experienced in life. You have to reflect on and defeat your negativity despite trials in your like. Keep smiling and move forward.

5. Keep on trying, don’t lose hope, and pray

Of course, being turned down is part of life. Keep in mind that it will lead you to a better job or someone who knows your dream job.

Always keep on trying. Send resumes frequently, update your online platform applications. Don’t lose hope. There is a rainbow after the rain. Lastly, pray and believe that HE has good plans for you. 


Rejections are part of your life. Keep in mind that rejections are all experienced by everyone, not only you. But make sure that it will never put you down. Take this as a challenge to succeed. Always remember the key to success is determination. 


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