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Meet Jenalyn Rosas Fernandez, #DigitalJobsPH Survivor – currently working at Essilor, Phils.

Jena is a mother, housewife and an employee all rolled into one. A typical picture of a mother in Mariveles, Bataan, whom I can relate so much.

The town of Mariveles in the province of Bataan is a small town whose population only ballooned because of the existence of the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB), formerly known as Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

Most of our people works inside FAB, while others have businesses of their own.

When Jena first introduced herself in the class, she was shy with very little confidence among her classmates. She thinks that given her age and little computer background, she would have a hard time catching up with her classmates younger than her, with more computer and social media background.

Despite her fears, Jena kept going, learning one lesson and doing one task at a time, barely even asking for help from her classmates in the first few days of the class.

Because of common interest, similar goals, and task completion requirement, the class connected like old time friends. Jena’s fear slowly diminished and became very eager to finish each task no matter how slow she progresses.

Our class schedule is from 8am to 5pm. After that, Jena goes home to catch a few hours of sleep for her 10pm to 6am work, and she is to come to the class again on the second day. Surviving this schedule in 2-days-a week class, in 4 consecutive weeks, plus the extra time she needs to devote to learn how technology works and complete the tasks which her “fulltime students” classmates were already having a hard time catching up with, I didn’t know how she did and I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been.

Surprisingly, Jena was able to create a 2 video tutorial about using an online tool she just learned how to use a few weeks ago. Not to mention overcoming her fear of the technology itself and her lack of confidence when we first started.

I can imagine Jena trembling when she first introduced herself in the class. I can sense her fear and feeling so little amid the technology she was forced to learn at a very short period of time.

She used to get scared whenever a window closes and would panic like the computer crashed. She can’t even understand what URL means and can’t even minimize or maximize a window.

With very little computer skill, Jena was able to successfully install and configure chatbot in a Facebook page she created and made professional looking graphics using canva. She was able to finish a 21-day-social media campaign complete with graphics and snippets, scheduled the materials to automatically post for the next 21 days.

Jena was able to learn how to create reports using Google slides, document and spreadsheet. She learned so many things in so little time but most of all, she regained her dream. She believed in herself that she can do anything as long as she keeps going. That age is just a number. That as long as she wants to achieve something, she can make things happen.

During the 21-day campaign, Jena was able to get a client online. Not much but enough to prove that she really can work from home. #DigitalJobsPH Survivor

During her graduation speech, Jena was trembling again but more confident than ever to talk about her story. She is an amazing woman with a big heart that the people of Mariveles. Especially those mothers who are dreaming of doing something else can get inspiration from.

Jena is a dream-reacher, #DigitalJobsPH survivor and medalist, #OnlineProfessional and an inspiration to many.

Let us all congratulate and support her in her journey to the online industry.

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