Many companies prefer to hire a virtual assistant (VA), especially in these uncertain times. A VA supports the business by giving a more efficient and cost-effective service. There’s a high demand for virtual assistants. It is a great opportunity for people to transition from office work into becoming a virtual assistant.

But what are the qualities you need to have to become a virtual assistant? Besides having your skills and expertise, having the right traits is a must for you to create a stronger bond with your clients. These qualities will surely make your clients keep coming back to work with you.


Working with a virtual assistant means working with trust. You don’t want your clients to lose trust in you, so you should uphold professionalism and good ethics. Keep in mind that as a virtual assistant, you are supposed to give valuable support so that your clients can rely on you to grow their business.

Good Communication Skills

A good communicator does not only mean having good speaking skills. Your client would want to know what you are working on, or what you have finished with the tasks at hand. But it is not only limited to the work given to you. You should be able to establish a good relationship with your clients. Feel free to reach out to them whenever you have a  personal problem that can affect your work. Or if you are struggling with a certain project. It is not right to leave them hanging and wondering what may have gotten wrong. 


Integrity is the most essential when dealing with a business. When you had agreed to finish a project at a specified period, you should be able to turn it over on or before the date agreed upon. There may be hindrances that can delay your work that’s unavoidable. So, you should still tell your client if you won’t be able to make it on time. It is better to inform them than leaving them wondering when will they hear from you again. 


One of the most valuable assets of a good virtual assistant is being highly resourceful. VAs are known as professional problem-solvers. As a virtual assistant, you will be tasked to sort out numerous things on your clients’ business. But don’t worry, you don’t need to know everything about the business and your client doesn’t expect it from you. The key to being a great virtual assistant is to keep on learning and use technology and other resources.

Good at Managing Time

It is already difficult to juggle your personal life and your work. What more if you have multiple jobs, right? As a virtual assistant, you are most likely to handle multiple clients at the same time. For clients, they always think that they are your most important client. So, you should be able to manage your time effectively. It is better to know which time of the day you are most efficient working to save more of your time.

Willing to Take an Initiative

Virtual assistants usually work without supervision. For virtual assistants, time is money.  Anticipate what needs to be done. Tell your client if you see something that needs to be done. Sometimes they’re too busy that they can’t keep track of every little thing in their business. Be proactive. Taking an initiative will be helpful to get your work done easily too.


Helping your client grow their business is your main goal as a virtual assistant. Clients are worried about handing over their business to a stranger. They are afraid that someone may ruin and create a big mistake in their business. That’s why they are very critical in dealing with mistakes. It is understandable for you to commit a mistake because you are human. But you must avoid creating unnecessary mistakes like typographical errors. Make sure to go over your work multiple times before handing it over to your client. 

If you have the following qualities, then you are a Virtual Assistant material! Want to start your VA journey? You can start by joining online freelancer groups like FOPSCo

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