Home-based work has become popular nowadays. Some studies show rapid growth in the number of people who’ve switched to working at home. The pandemic, economic slowdown, and continuous technological developments are some reasons for this shift away from the traditional office-based job. 

Like other job situations, working from home has its challenges. 

Here, we’re going to tackle some of these challenges that a home-based worker usually encounters.

Working in a different timezone

When your employer or client is in another timezone, you need to adjust your work hours. Training yourself to work during the graveyard shift (for those with clients in North America) is one challenge that you need to face. But as you go along, you can adjust in the long run.

Looking for clients

Who says job hunting is easy? Because of intense competition, many people struggle to find better clients. More so for people looking for home-based jobs. There are different platforms where you can search for a client. You can use Facebook, Linkedin, Upwork, Freelancer, or other job sites. You have to showcase all your skills and experiences to attract clients and make them hire you.

Be persistent so you can land a good client.


Even remote workers receive tons of workload with tight deadlines. You need to finish all your tasks at the right time because it’s your responsibility. Also, to impress your boss that he or she can depend on you to accomplish everything at a given deadline.

Global Currency Changes

Most freelancers who work with foreign clients earn dollars (or other foreign currencies). And every day, currency rates change. So, it could have a good or bad impact on your pay rate. You wouldn’t wait for the exchange rate to be favorable before you get your hard-earned money, especially if you have an immediate need for your funds. 

What you can do to minimize the negative effects of currency changes is to negotiate for twice a month payments and/or to negotiate for higher pay to take these currency changes into account.   

Time Management

If you choose to work at home, it’s normal to have many distractions. Daily chores, unexpected visitors, children, and even your partner demand attention. You should be strict in protecting your time when you work. Manage your time between work and family so you won’t be stressed out. 

Lack of Skills

Clueless on how to do a task? Another challenge for some home-based workers is not having the needed skills to do some projects. You’re lucky enough if you can find an expert in your network. Or else you need to spend more time researching and learning a new skill.


All workers, whether the ordinary office workers or the home-based workers, face different dilemmas in their field of work. What matters most is that you face these struggles of home-based workers diligently and patiently, as every struggle has its corresponding solution. 

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