Online professionals are the new term for Filipino freelancers working online. You may have heard a lot of people looking for online jobs on any platform. Do you know that aside from these online applications you can also look for jobs in social media?

You may be wondering how we can locate these groups on Facebook. You do not need to worry but there’s a lot. Since Facebook is the most commonly used social media network by Filipinos, it is the most accessible in looking for online jobs as well. There are a lot of Facebook groups wherein you can check tutorials,  do self-promotion, seek advice, and check opportunities as well. Not only that, but Facebook groups can also provide you support especially for those starting careers in freelancing. 

Here’s a list of support groups where you can join and check some job opportunities that suit you.

1. Filipina Home-Based Moms ( FHMOMS)

Filipina Home-based Mom (FHMoms) is a group created by a Filipina mother whose mission is to provide every household especially moms to gain a job in freelancing. This is one of the biggest support groups for Pinay moms. This group empowers Filipina moms to earn, learn skills, gain confidence, and land a job to help their family while working at home. 

2. Freelancers in the Philippines 

This group’s goal is to share best practices, answer questions, and be of help to one another so that we can all achieve our personal and professional goals. They also offer free and paid training for both working and aspiring freelancers.

3. Filipino Virtual Assistants

This group is exclusive to the Filipino Virtual Assistants and global companies. This is made for quick updates, freelancing tips, and hiring alerts. This is only one of the largest Facebook groups which are very accessible and easy to be a member of.

4. Online Filipino Freelancers

They aim to provide a dynamic and fun community for online Filipino workers and everybody is encouraged to speak their minds, share insights, and are expected to help each other.

5. Pinoy home-based dads

A counterpart of FHM MOMS, this is the biggest parenting and freelancing group for Pinoy DADS  in the Philippines. The PHDADS community is dedicated to helping all Filipino dads out there who are aspiring to work from home. 

6. Freelancers Hub Philippines

Freelancers Hub Philippines is a group for every online professional for gaining learnings, getting support about freelancing career.

7. Upwork Philippines

This is a group built for people with BIG dreams and in this group, I am providing very valuable information on how you can be able to become a 6-Figures freelancer.

8. Freelancing With A Heart Community

This is a group that concentrates on helping newbies and anyone who wants to work online, start their careers. You can share ideas and resources as well for free.

9.The Freelance Movement Workshop

This group is all about discussing and asking questions about the FREE Freelancing Workshop. It also allows a sneak peek on what’s inside the upcoming The Freelance Movement Tribe program.

10. Filipino Online Professionals Community

This is a public group for new and aspiring Online Professionals who want to learn how to work from home as a business owner. The group aims to educate and share experiences that will inspire others to chase their dreams through technology, personality development and by growing together as an online family.


There you go, the list of Filipino Online professionals groups on Facebook. These groups are great because you can find a lot of resources especially when you are a newbie who’s starting a career in freelancing.

For all those struggling in landing a job, keep going, be optimistic, hang in there and you will be getting a job at the right time. 


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