As the pandemic continues, everyone seemed to value the importance of having a digital workforce. Looking back on your daily office job, you had allocated most of your time in traveling to and from your work. With that long time, you may have finished tons of work! And now that you are given a chance to transition into online work, will you try it?

But the real question is: how can you transition from an office to a home-based work? There are a lot of things to consider before working as an online freelancer. Here are some tips to dive into your online career with a smooth-sailing journey!

Know Your Most Valuable Skill

The possibilities of freelancing are endless! Especially for people with skills related to online work like graphic designing, writing, website development, and more. Yes, it is easy to get started once you have the skills. However, finding a long-term or even your first client will be difficult depending on how you market yourself. 

Never Stop Learning

You got the skills, but you are not confident about it. Then, what are you going to do? Are you going to sit still and continue looking for your potential clients? Consider studying areas of your skill you aren’t experienced with. There are a lot of resources on the internet. Of course, the internet should be your number one reliable friend as an online worker! Apart from honing your skills, the best thing is you can learn another skill to cater to your clients.

Create a Perfect Environment for Yourself

Forget about your cubicle set up in your old office job. You don’t need to buy an expensive table and chair for your work station. What matters is how comfortable you can be now that you are working in a different setting. Remember to always prioritize tasks that will give you excitement to start working. This will help you avoid distractions and will let you work efficiently.

One of the best rewards in online freelancing is that you can work remotely. This means that you are not only limited to working from your home. You can work anywhere. As long as you have your laptop and the resources you need with you, you can start your job. 

Work-life balance

This is one of the best reasons why everybody loves remote work─ you have your time in your hands. No one can control you when you are already done with your work. Still, this is the hardest part because you can do other things while doing your job. Also, working as an online freelancer demands a lot of your time. You have to keep in mind that you should set your work hours differently from your personal life matters.

Get Social

Working as an online freelancer isolates you from the real world. Thus, you need to make sure to spend an hour every day with your family. You can also set a schedule with your friends to hang out with during the holidays. This will motivate you to finish your job on time before your planned meetings with your family and friends. Having your social life along with your remote work can remind you to take care of yourself too. You have the people around you who look forward to spending time with you. So, treating yourself well while working for long hours is necessary.

You should also socialize with your fellow freelancers to have your support group. They can also guide you in starting your freelance career. It is better to hang out with people who have the same passion as yours. Just like in FOPSCo, #GrowingTogether is the number one goal of having your freelancer peers. 

Once that you have tried earning a living on your pajamas, you will forget going back to your old office work set up for sure!

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